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About Self Managed Super Guide

Inside this SMSF’s guide edition, you will find detailed but easy-to-use advice on setting up an SMSF, where to find the money and what you can invest in. Along with setting up SMSF with lucrative benefits, it also tells you what you should be paying in fees, the benefits for small business and helps you weigh the risks between assets like property and

All of this written in clear English by our expert team of journalists.

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I recently received my first issue of the SMSF magazine, and let me congratulate you on a great and timely publication. I look forward to many future issues.

Joshua Stega 

Director, JAS Wealth 

A Really Simple Guide to Self Managed Super Funds is a huge step forward for the citizens of Australia. It places the power of SMSFs in the hands of ordinary people. It tells SMSF stories in language that is easy to understand. Three cheers for A Really Simple Guide to Self Managed Super.

Haydn Growden CPA, AuditorOnline

“Congratulations on the publication! A job well done to all involved.”

Shari Neagle

Associate SMSF Specialist AdvisorTM

“A very appealing edition”

Graeme Colley 

Director Technical and Professional Standards SMSF Professionals’ Association of Australia Limited